Industrial Visits

SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd. An Industrial Visit of BBA-V, BBA-III, B.Com-V and BBA-III was organized to SEL Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Machiwara. SEL is a leading vertically integrated textile conglomerate, operating in various textile sub-segments, and has facilities from spinning, knitting, processing of yarns and fabric to the manufacturing of value-added products viz. terry towels and ready-made garments.

IDS Infotech The industrial visit of BCA Students to IDS Infotech, one of the IT companies in Rajiv Gandhi IT Park Chandigarh was organized on 14th October, 2015. By 11 a.m. students were directed to a conference hall, where the first session was conducted by Assistant Manager (HR) Mr Prince Kalia. He inquired about the interest of the students and provided tips on how to achieve career goals.

The second Session was conducted by Mr Ankash Bharti, Sr. Project Leader. He spoke about the emergence of IT from the early 1990s to the 21st century. According to him, nowadays the utility of IT is not limited only to IT companies but each & every organization is dependent on its IT department to improve the services they provide. Nowadays most of the functions of any company are done through various computer-based systems, like accepting leave application of an employee, registration of client complaints through company websites and so on. He also discussed the technology and trends in IT industry. After his extensive talk students were given a chance to ask questions regarding the working of an IT company. Queries of students regarding different technologies available in an IT company and the Indian & global job opportunities available to BCA graduates were also answered. Students were also informed about the organizational hierarchy of an IT company, information about the roles & responsibilities of each major position were also shared.

IDS Infotech provides solutions for Health Care services, Engineering Services, Content Management and Publishing Services, IT Services and Legal Services. Therefore separate cabins were allotted for each service to ensure data security. The students were taken on a guided tour of the company and had the opportunity to visit every cabin and understand the work done by the employees.

The visit was an eye-opener because it was for the first time that the students got an opportunity to know what really happens inside an IT company.